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KidSmart empowers children in need to succeed in   school by providing essential tools for learning.


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90,000 St. Louis Area Kids will start the school year without Basic School Supplies. You Can Help!


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Liftoff for Learning

Team Lead: Brittany Douglas

Join us in this year's Books and Backpacks: Liftoff for Learning Drive! Proceeds will provide school supplies to teachers in local districts at no cost!

Brittany Douglas

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KidSmart equips 75,000 local kids in need succeed in school by providing them with free school supplies. KidSmart relies on supplies donated by individuals, businesses and groups across the St. Louis area. Since opening in 2002 KidSmart has distributed more than $54 million in school supplies. Each year we distribute to more than 90,000 economically disadvantaged children in our community.
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