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KidSmart empowers children in need to succeed in   school by providing essential tools for learning.


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90,000 St. Louis Area Kids will start the school year without Basic School Supplies. You Can Help!


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Team Lead: Cheryl Lokke

Hello Team! As a child, did you ever wonder if you would have a pencil to write with at school? Have you worried when you were out of notebook paper because you had no idea when you would get more? Did those concerns take you away from learning? I hope that you answered "no" to those questions, but if you did answer yes, then you understand the positive impact free school supplies would have made on your educational experience. This marks the 5th year I have had the pleasure of organizing the supply drive at Refinitiv, formerly TR. I am thankful and proud of the amazing work we have done by supporting KidSmart. Can you imagine how many children we have affected by our generous donations? Filling a backpack with school supplies or picking up just 1 pack of pencils will have a tremendous impact on the children of St. Louis and the surrounding area. Let's show St. Louis what Refinitiv can do for the community and make this our best year ever! If you can't pick up supplies and would prefer to donate monetarily, you can do so on this link or in person to me. Donation boxes will be located in the 717 cafe and the 795 back entrance from 7/15/19 through 8/16/19. The tax free weekend in Missouri is 8/2/19 through 8/4/19; when you are picking up supplies for your kids, grab some extra for the box! Thank you for your continued support of this important program! Cheryl Lokke X82051

Cheryl Lokke

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KidSmart equips more than 75,000 local students in need with free school supplies to succeed in school. KidSmart relies on supplies donated by individuals, businesses, and groups across the St. Louis area. Since opening in 2002, KidSmart has distributed more than $60 million in school supplies. Our goal is to reach all 90,000 students.
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