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KidSmart empowers children in need to succeed in   school by providing essential tools for learning.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Supply Drive

What is the single most important thing you did to make your drive successful?

Communication… via email, intranet and posting flyers everywhere possible. Use every opportunity to mention the drive (i.e. at employee meetings and emails). Make it fun for employees while educating them with the purpose of Push for Pencils and the mission of KidSmart.

Did you use flyers, posters, email or other collateral to communicate your drive? If so, what materials did you use, how many and how often? Did you create those pieces yourself or were they provided to you?

We created some things ourselves using the Push for Pencils logo from the KidSmart website when needed – and we used some of the materials provided by KidSmart.

To host a successful drive:

  • Send weekly drive reminder emails
  • Use the marketing materials provided by KidSmart
  • Begin placing Push for Pencils posters & other informational materials a week or so before the drive all around the office

KidSmart equips more than 75,000 local students in need with free school supplies to succeed in school. KidSmart relies on supplies donated by individuals, businesses, and groups across the St. Louis area. Since opening in 2002, KidSmart has distributed more than $70 million in school supplies. Our goal is to reach all 90,000 students.
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